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Explore the transformative potential of AI in agriculture with OLID I, the Open Leaf Image Dataset featuring a diverse collection of leaf images from Bangladesh's leading crops.


About Dataset

Discover the potential of AI in agriculture with OLID I, the Open Leaf Image Dataset containing a wide range of leaf images from Bangladesh’s major crops. With AI making strides in various fields, agriculture has unique data needs to progress AI-driven solutions. OLID I fills a gap by offering a comprehensive dataset of 4,749 leaf images, focusing on tropical and subtropical crops.

This dataset covers various conditions affecting crops like tomato, eggplant, cucumber, and more. Each image represents one of 57 different classes, showcasing healthy leaves, nutrient-deficient ones, and those affected by pests. Captured under natural field conditions across Bangladesh, these high-resolution images (3024 x 3024) are carefully annotated by experts.

OLID I is groundbreaking in agriculture by presenting the first multi-label classification challenge in this domain. It offers the largest range of plant stress categories found in any public dataset. Using OLID I can significantly enhance the development of algorithms for diagnosing leaf diseases, detecting pests, and evaluating nutritional deficiencies in crops.

Applications of the Forest Fire Dataset

  • Early Warning Systems: Provides timely alerts for potential fire outbreaks.
  • Resource Allocation: Informs efficient allocation of firefighting resources.
  • Fire Behavior Simulation: Helps simulate fire spread and develop containment strategies.
  • Public Awareness and Education: Supports educational initiatives on fire prevention and safety.

Challenges in Forest Fire Data Collection and Analysis

  • Data Quality and Consistency: Ensures reliable and consistent data collection.
  • Integration with Other Data Sources: Combines fire data with land use, topography, and socio-economic factors.
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition: Acquires continuous monitoring and rapid data processing.

Advancements Driven by the Forest Fire Dataset

  • Machine Learning and AI: Predicts fire occurrences and optimizes resource allocation.
  • Remote Sensing Technology: Enhances accuracy with satellite imagery and drone surveillance.
  • Climate Modeling: Provides empirical data for understanding climate change impacts.

Future Directions

  • Enhanced Data Collection Methods: Deploys advanced sensors and expands monitoring networks.
  • Integration with IoT: Utilizes IoT for real-time data on environmental conditions and fire behavior.
  • Collaborative Research and Data Sharing: Fosters collaboration and open data initiatives globally.

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