OCR Race Numbers Detection

OCR Race Numbers Detection


OCR Race Numbers Detection


OCR Race Numbers Detection

Use Case

Marathon Timing


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for race numbers detection is a specialized application of OCR technology aimed at automatically recognizing and extracting race numbers from images or video frames in the context of sporting events like marathons, road races, triathlons, and other competitions where participants wear race numbers.

About Dataset

Welcome to the forefront of AI data collection and innovation! As a company leading the way in AI data collection, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with artificial intelligence. Our latest project is the OCR Race Numbers Detection dataset—a groundbreaking addition that takes OCR technology to new heights.

OCR Race Numbers Detection

Explore on our website: OCR Race Numbers Detection – Dataset Download.

Take a look at this dataset—it’s a prime example of our commitment to giving AI enthusiasts everything they need to excel in OCR race number detection.

Key Highlights of the data:

  1. Diverse Race Scenarios: Our dataset covers various types of races, including marathons, cycling events, and triathlons. No matter your interest in endurance sports, you’ll find relevant information here.
  2. Unmatched Accuracy: We’ve carefully selected images with different lighting conditions, camera angles, and weather variations to ensure our dataset reflects real-world scenarios accurately. This ensures your OCR systems perform well even in challenging race conditions.
  3. Precise Annotations: Each image in the data comes with accurate annotations, making it perfect for training and testing OCR algorithms effectively.
  4. Community Collaboration: We encourage collaboration within the AI community. By sharing this dataset, we aim to inspire new ideas and facilitate knowledge exchange among AI enthusiasts, researchers, and developers.

Join us on a transformative journey into the world of data and data annotation. Visit our dedicated page to access this pioneering dataset and harness the power of AI in race management and sports technology Dataset Download.

At our AI data collection company, we don’t just collect data; we pioneer the future of AI. Discover the limitless possibilities today!


Leading the way in race number recognition, Globose Tech Pvt. Ltd utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline race event planning. With a dedication to innovation and excellence, we have become a reliable partner for race organizers around the world.


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