Motorcycle Night Ride (Semantic Segmentation)

Motorcycle Night Ride (Semantic Segmentation)


Motorcycle Night Ride (Semantic Segmentation)


Motorcycle Night Ride (Semantic Segmentation)

Use Case

Nighttime Segmentation


"Motorcycle Night Ride (Semantic Segmentation)" project. This innovative initiative revolves around the collection and analysis of data from nighttime motorcycle journeys to improve safety and rider experience.

Motorcycle Night Ride (Semantic Segmentation)

About Dataset

At Globose Technology Solutions, we’re all about pushing the boundaries of innovation in artificial intelligence. That’s why we’ve put together the Motorcycle Night Ride dataset, a collection of 200 frames sourced from YouTube videos. This dataset is a game-changer for AI systems focused on spotting objects and improving movement-based technology, like advanced motorbike helmets.

Our Night Ride dataset features nighttime motorcycle journeys, providing a unique playground for tech enthusiasts and curious minds to tackle AI challenges in low-light conditions. With diverse road situations, various weather patterns, and different lighting setups, this dataset offers endless possibilities for research and development.

Why choose our dataset?

  1. Diverse and Real-World : You have the freedom to play around with different road situations, diverse weather patterns, and an array of lighting setups.
  2. Endless Possibilities: Beyond semantic segmentation, our dataset can serve as a foundation for developing numerous AI solutions. 
  3. SEO-Friendly Approach: Using this specific dataset, you’ll have the upper hand in your AI projects and research related to motorcycle tech. Incorporate our Motorcycle Night Ride dataset into your AI projects, and take the first step toward transforming motorcycle journeys into safer and more enriching experiences. Let’s dive into how semantic segmentation can change the game in dimly lit scenarios, opening up a whole new world for AI solutions.

For more information on accessing and utilizing our Motorcycle Night Ride dataset, please reach out to us. We’re here to support your AI endeavors and look forward to being part of your innovative journey.


Globose Technology Solutions uses Definition Analysis to elevate moped late outing safety. Our advanced algorithms, trained on datasets like Motorcycle Night Ride, enhance visibility and ensure a safer riding experience in low-light conditions.

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