Medical Mask Detection Dataset

Medical Mask Detection Dataset


Medical Mask Detection Dataset


Mask Detection Dataset

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Mask Detection Dataset


Explore the Mask Detection Dataset with 6000 diverse images of people wearing masks, scarves.

Medical Mask Detection Dataset


The Medical Mask Detection dataset comprises 6000 images of people wearing masks, scarves, face shields, and other accessories. This dataset has been curated to aid in the global fight against COVID-19.


Humans in the Loop has published this open-access dataset to support the worldwide efforts against COVID-19. By providing high-quality annotated data, the dataset aims to facilitate the development of AI models that can accurately detect and classify face coverings in various real-world scenarios. This contributes to public health monitoring, compliance enforcement, and the development of innovative solutions for pandemic management.

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Images: 6000 images sourced from the public domain.

Diversity: The dataset includes individuals of various ethnicities, ages, and regions to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Classes: There are 20 different classes of accessories, including masks, scarves, and face shields. Additionally, it includes classifications of faces:

With a mask

Without a mask

With an incorrectly worn mask

The full class list is available in the meta.json file.


The images were collected and annotated by the refugee workforce of Humans in the Loop, based in Bulgaria. The annotation process was facilitated using the platform. This initiative not only contributes to the fight against COVID-19 but also provides meaningful employment and skill development opportunities to refugees, empowering them through valuable work experience.

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