Mars Landmark Detection Dataset

Mars Landmark Detection Dataset


Mars Landmark Detection Dataset


Mars Landmark Detection Dataset

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Mars Detection Dataset


Explore the Mars Landmark Detection Dataset, featuring images of bright dunes, dark dunes, and craters.

Mars Landmark Detection Dataset


The Mars Detection Dataset is designed to facilitate the study of geological structures on Mars. This dataset includes images of various landmarks, such as bright dunes, dark dunes, and craters, which are critical for understanding the planet’s surface and geological history. This dataset provides an excellent opportunity to apply computer vision techniques on imbalanced data and contribute to the field of planetary science.

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Landmarks on Mars are essential for studying the planet’s geology and marking significant structures. This dataset focuses on three primary classes of landmarks:

  1. Bright Dunes: Sand dunes that appear bright due to overlying frost. These dunes can exhibit black spots where parts of the dune are defrosting.
  2. Dark Dunes: Completely defrosted sand dunes, appearing darker in images.
  3. Craters: Crater images where the diameter is at least one-fifth the width of the image, and the circular rim is visible for at least half of the crater’s circumference.

Dataset Details

  • Bright Dunes: These dunes are generally bright because of the frost overlay. They may have black spots indicating defrosting areas.
  • Dark Dunes: These dunes appear darker as they are fully defrosted.
  • Craters: Images in this class contain craters with a clearly visible circular rim covering at least half of the crater’s circumference. The crater’s diameter is significant, being at least one-fifth of the image width.

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