LISA Traffic Light Dataset

LISA Traffic Light Dataset


LISA Traffic Light Dataset


LISA Traffic Light Dataset

Use Case

Traffic Safety


The LISA Traffic Light Dataset is a well-known and widely used dataset in computer vision and autonomous driving research. It is designed to support the development and evaluation of algorithms for traffic light detection and recognition.

About Dataset

Imagine you’re building something amazing with AI and machine learning, like a smart traffic system. To make it work really well, you need a lot of good data about traffic lights. 

LISA Traffic Light Dataset

As experts in gathering data for AI, we know how important it is to label data correctly. The stop light files isn’t just any old bunch of data – it’s been put together really carefully and labeled with extreme accuracy. This means your AI systems can work at their absolute best.

Why Choose the LISA Stop Light File?

Comprehensive Coverage: You get a wide range of traffic light images taken in different lighting and weather conditions.

 Unleash the power of your AI solutions with the Stop Light File.

Stop Light File: Empowering Autonomous Vehicle Research

  • The Stop Light File offers a rich collection of annotated images capturing various traffic light states.

  • Each image is meticulously labeled, ensuring precise detection and classification of traffic light signals for improved reliability.

  • The dataset includes diverse traffic scenarios, such as different weather conditions, times of day, and urban settings.

  • Leveraging this dataset, developers can enhance the decision-making capabilities of autonomous vehicles for safer navigation.

  • Perfect for training machine learning and AI algorithms, it’s an invaluable resource for researchers in autonomous driving technology.


At Globose Tech, we understand how important the LISA Traffic Light Dataset is for advancing AI and self-driving technology. This dataset contains a wide range of real-world traffic scenarios, which helps us improve our algorithms for recognizing and understanding traffic signals. By using LISA, we can make our work more accurate, leading to safer and smarter transportation systems.

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