Lions vs Tigers Image Classification Dataset

Lions vs Tigers Image Classification Dataset


Lions vs Tigers Image Classification Dataset


Lions vs Tigers Image Classification Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


Explore our Animal Picture allocation File, featuring 400 high-resolution picture tailored for binary allocation challenges.



Dive into the challenging world of animal classification with our Animal picture allocation File. This dataset is specifically curated for enthusiasts and professionals aiming to sharpen their machine learning skills through binary classification challenges.

Dataset Details

  • Resolution: Each image in this dataset is a clear, detailed 256×256 pixel resolution.
  • Volume: Comprising 400 images split evenly between lions and tigers, this dataset is perfect for training binary classification models. Additionally, it includes a separate test set of 40 images to validate the model’s accuracy.
  • Classes: Two distinct classes are featured – lion and tiger, making it an ideal resource for binary classification tasks.


This dataset is designed for those who are looking to undertake a binary classification project that’s both engaging and challenging. It provides a unique opportunity to develop and refine algorithms capable of distinguishing between similar yet distinct animal species.


We welcome and appreciate any community engagement, contributions, or feedback to help enhance this dataset further.

Composition of the Dataset

The dataset includes thousands of images featuring lions and tigers in various poses and environments. Each image is annotated with labels indicating whether it depicts a lion or a tiger, along with additional metadata such as location, age, and gender of the animals.


This dataset is invaluable for:

  • Wildlife Conservation: Enhancing automated monitoring systems to better protect and study these magnificent animals.
  • Computer Vision: Training and testing image classification models to accurately differentiate between lions and tigers.
  • Educational Tools: Developing interactive learning applications for students and wildlife enthusiasts.

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