Labeled Trash Dataset (Pascal VOC, COCO and Yolo)

Labeled Trash Dataset (Pascal VOC, COCO and Yolo)


Labeled Trash Dataset (Pascal VOC, COCO and Yolo)


Labeled Trash Dataset (Pascal VOC, COCO and Yolo)

Use Case

Computer Vision


Labeled and Augmented Trash Images Dataset (8 Classes, Pascal VOC, COCO, and Yolo)

Labeled Trash Dataset (Pascal VOC, COCO and Yolo)

About Dataset

Termed and Augmented Residue Images File (8 Classes, Pascal VOC, COCO, and Yolo)

  • Comprehensive Resource: Explore our meticulously Termed residue File, a cornerstone for researchers and policymakers.
  • Innovative Solutions: Harness detailed annotations to develop cutting-edge recycling and waste sorting technologies.
  • Environmental Impact: Address pressing challenges by analyzing diverse trash categories, from plastics to organic waste.
  • Sustainable Future: Empower data-driven strategies to enhance waste management, promote recycling, and preserve the environment.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Join us in utilizing this invaluable resource to drive meaningful change and foster a cleaner, healthier planet.”

This dataset consists of 163 images of trash belonging to 8 classes. The dataset includes:

Original Data: 163 labeled original images
Resized Data: 163 labeled images resized to 1024×1024 pixels
Augmented Data: 4923 images generated by the Burobot library using the Albumentations library
Split Data: Data split into train, test, and validation sets (70% train, 10% test, 20% validation)
Annotation Formats: Label files in Pascal VOC, COCO, and Yolo formats


  1. Bottle
  2. Bottle Cap
  3. Can
  4. Cardboard
  5. Cigarette Box
  6. Cigarette Butt
  7. Cup
  8. Plastic

Additional Information:
Data was augmented using the Burobot library.

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