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Use Case

Historical Photos


Image colorization is the process of adding color to grayscale or black-and-white images to make them appear as if they were originally captured or created in color. This technique is commonly used in various applications, such as restoring historical photographs, enhancing visual aesthetics, and improving the visual quality of images.

About Dataset

In today’s fast-paced world, where pictures are everywhere, Image Colorization is making a big splash. It’s like magic, turning old black-and-white photos into vibrant, colorful ones that feel almost real. But the real hero behind this magic is data annotation – it’s what makes this colorizing wizardry possible.

Image Colorization


AI-powered tools are changing the game for the future, and Image Colorization is a shining example. Here at Globose Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we’re at the forefront of collecting AI data, helping businesses upgrade their operations and services.

The Challenge Facial Emotion Recognition Dataset

Black and white photos are full of history and feelings, but they don’t have the same liveliness and attraction as colored ones. However, adding color to these Facial Emotion Recognition Dataset isn’t easy. It requires training AI models with a meticulous data labeling process to ensure they learn correctly.

The Solution Facial Emotion Recognition Dataset

Using our skills in data labeling, we’ve created a strong solution for adding color to black-and-white images. We combine advanced technology with high-quality data tagging to breathe new life into these Facial Emotion Recognition Dataset. It’s like giving them a fresh start, making them burst with realism, depth, and relevance for today’s audience.



Here at Globose Tech, we love pushing AI to its fullest potential. Our specialty? Image Colorization – turning black and white pictures into lively, colorful ones using advanced data annotation technology. Interested in seeing your black and white photos come to life with vibrant colors? Reach out to us!

Empower your visual content with Image Colorization. Dive into the world of precise data annotation with Globose Technology Solutions Private Limited.

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