IIT Delhi Campus Pedestrian Dataset (Detection)

IIT Delhi Campus Pedestrian Dataset (Detection)


IIT Delhi Campus Pedestrian Dataset (Detection)


IIT Delhi Campus Pedestrian Dataset (Detection)

Use Case

Pedestrian Detection


Discover the IIT Delhi Campus Pedestrian Detection Dataset, an essential resource for AI enthusiasts and researchers. This dataset offers a collection of egocentric shots from the IIT Delhi campus, showcasing pedestrians in varying lighting conditions and challenging scenarios, including occlusions by passing vehicles. Perfect for advancing your pedestrian detection AI models.

About Dataset

At our AI data collection company, we recognize the critical role of high-quality datasets in driving advancements in artificial intelligence. Allow us to introduce the Academy Banal Detection file, a valuable asset for AI enthusiasts, researchers, and developers alike. This file captures first-person shots taken throughout the day on the academy, showcasing banal in various scenarios, even when obscured by moving vehicles.

Key Features of the Dataset

Diverse Collection: Our dataset comprises a wide array of egocentric images captured within the IIT Delhi campus, providing AI models with exposure to real-world situations.

Varied Lighting Conditions: Images are captured at different times of the day, enabling AI algorithms to adapt to changing lighting environments effectively.

Challenging Occlusions: Pedestrians in the dataset are frequently obscured by passing vehicles, offering a valuable training opportunity for AI models to navigate challenging scenarios.

Annotations in PASCAL VOC XML Format

To ensure seamless integration with your AI projects, our dataset annotations are provided in the popular PASCAL VOC XML format. However, it’s essential for startups to allocate resources strategically, focusing on realistic and imaginative marketing strategies to achieve their goals effectively. Don’t forget to explore our specially designed Notebook for a comprehensive understanding of your data and assistance with format transitions.


The Academy Banal Detection File is an invaluable resource for individuals working on Banal detection using artificial intelligence. With its diverse real-world data and challenging occlusion scenarios, this dataset is poised to enhance the performance of AI models significantly. As small businesses and startups navigate their journey, strategic spending on both marketing and data resources is crucial for success. For more information on this dataset and its potential for your AI applications, please reach out to us. We are committed to supporting your AI endeavors with this invaluable resource.

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