Horses Or Humans Dataset

Horses Or Humans Dataset


Horses Or Humans Dataset


Horses Or Humans Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


When learning Computer Vision, in particular the training of DNNs and CNNs to recognize and classify images, there is a dearth of good datasets.

Horses Or Humans Dataset

About Dataset


Horses or Humans is a dataset of 300×300 images, created by Laurence Moroney. It is licensed CC-By-2.0, allowing anybody to use it for learning or testing computer vision algorithms.


When learning Computer Vision, particularly the training of DNNs and CNNs to recognize and classify images, there is often a dearth of good datasets. Consequently, you tend to see the same old datasets repeatedly. Therefore, I wanted to fix that problem.

First, I wanted a dataset that could be used for teaching binary classifiers, offering something unique and distinct from existing datasets. Additionally, I wanted to see if I could use Photoreal CGI to train a neural network that could then recognize and classify real images with the same subject matter. As a result, the Horses-v-Humans dataset was created.


The set contains 500 rendered images of various species of horses in various poses and locations. Additionally, it includes 527 rendered images of humans in diverse poses and settings. Emphasis has been taken to ensure the diversity of humans, and to that end, there are both men and women, as well as Asian, Black, South Asian, and Caucasian individuals present in the training set. Furthermore, the validation set adds 6 different figures of different gender, race, and poses to ensure the breadth of data.


The dataset is licensed as a CC By 2.0, making it free for you to share and adapt for all uses, whether commercial or non-commercial.

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