Height and Weight Image Dataset

Height and Weight Image Dataset


Weight Image Dataset


Weight Image Dataset

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Explore the Dataset, offering high-quality images categorized by subjects' height and weight measurements in feet, inches, and pounds.

Height and Weight Image Dataset

Height and Weight Image Dataset

About the Dataset:

The Dataset provides a collection of images featuring subjects with specific height and weight measurements. Each image is accompanied by metadata containing the subject’s height and weight, along with additional information such as the HTML link to the image and the image source (src) path.


This dataset is curated to assist researchers, developers, and data scientists in tasks related to body measurement analysis, anthropometric studies, and image recognition. Each entry in the dataset includes images of individuals categorized based on their height (in feet and inches) and weight (in pounds).

Contents of the Dataset:

  • Image Files: High-quality images of individuals captured under controlled conditions, ensuring clarity and consistency.
  • Metadata: Each image is associated with metadata providing the following details:
    • Height: The height of the subject depicted in the image, formatted in feet and inches.
    • Weight: The weight of the subject depicted in the image, measured in pounds.
    • HTML Link: Direct link to the HTML page containing the image.
    • Source (src) Path: The path to the image source, facilitating easy access and integration into machine learning pipelines.

Purpose and Usage:

This dataset serves as a valuable resource for various applications, including:

  • Training and evaluating machine learning models for height and weight estimation from images.
  • Research in fields such as healthcare, fitness, and biometrics.
  • Developing image recognition algorithms for identifying individuals based on physical attributes.

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