Handwritten Marathi Character

Handwritten Marathi Character


Handwritten Marathi Character


Handwritten Marathi Character

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Computer Vision


Handwritten Marathi Dataset: Unveiling the Beauty of Script

Handwritten Marathi Character

About Dataset

Handwritten Marathi Characters Dataset is made for educational purposes, but you’re welcome to use it for any research or development work as long as you give credit.

This Handwritten Marathi Character Dataset contains a total of 58 characters, including 12 vowels, 36 consonants, and 10 digits.

We’ve gathered handwriting samples from 40 different people for each character class.

We’ve uploaded two types of folders. In one type, there are separate folders for Characters and Numbers. In the other type, Characters and Numbers are combined in the same folders.

  • High-Quality Handwritten Marathi Characters: Our platform offers precise and legible handwritten Marathi characters suitable for educational and creative projects.
  • Unique Marathi Fonts: Discover a variety of unique Marathi fonts that enhance readability and aesthetics for all your written content.
  • Boost Content Engagement: Incorporate our handwritten Marathi characters to make your digital content more engaging and culturally relevant.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate our handwritten Marathi characters into your designs and documents.
  • Cultural Authenticity: Preserve cultural authenticity and heritage by using handwritten Marathi characters in your content.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for invitations, posters, educational materials, and more.
Additional Information: Moreover, each sample in the dataset has been carefully scanned to ensure high quality and clarity. Marathi Characters Dataset extensive collection allows for detailed analysis and robust training of OCR systems. By including diverse handwriting styles, the dataset aims to enhance the generalizability of character recognition models. Furthermore, the dataset is regularly updated to incorporate more samples and improve its comprehensiveness.

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