Hair Detection & Segmentation Dataset

Hair Detection & Segmentation Dataset


Hair Detection & Segmentation Dataset


Hair Detection & Segmentation Dataset

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Hair Detection Dataset


Explore our Hair Detection & Segmentation Dataset featuring diverse hairstyles, high-quality annotations, and varied lighting conditions.

Hair Detection & Segmentation Dataset


The Hair Detection & Segmentation Dataset is a detailed collection of images designed specifically for detecting and segmenting hair within the facial oval region. This dataset is carefully curated to help identify and accurately segment hair strands. Consequently, it serves as a valuable resource for various applications, such as virtual makeovers, hairstyle simulation, and augmented reality.

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Dataset Features

  • Diverse Collection: This dataset includes pictures of people with many different hair styles, colors, lengths, and textures. Therefore, this diversity makes the models trained on this data more robust and versatile.

  • High-Quality Annotations: Every image comes with detailed notes, clearly marking the edges and shapes of individual hair strands within the facial oval. These notes are essential for training accurate hair segmentation models.

  • Varied Lighting Conditions: Images are captured under different lighting conditions to make the dataset more applicable to real-world scenarios. This way, models trained on this dataset will perform well in various environments. Additionally, the varied lighting ensures robustness, which is crucial for real-world applications.

  • Multiple Angles and Perspectives: The dataset includes images taken from various angles and perspectives, providing a comprehensive view of the hair and improving the generalizability of the segmentation models.
  • Demographic Diversity: The dataset features individuals from various age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and genders, promoting inclusivity and reducing bias in the developed models.


  • Virtual Makeovers: Enhance virtual makeover applications by accurately detecting and segmenting hair, allowing for realistic hair style simulations and color changes.
  • Augmented Reality: Improve AR applications that involve hair modifications, such as virtual try-ons for hair products or accessories.
  • Medical and Research: Assist in medical research and applications related to dermatology and trichology by providing accurate hair segmentation.
  • Film and Animation: Aid in the development of realistic hair effects in film, animation, and video game industries.

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