Gender Classified Dataset with Masked Face

Gender Classified Dataset with Masked Face


Gender Classified Dataset with Masked Face


Gender Classified Dataset with Masked Face

Use Case

Masked Gender


Gender Classified Dataset with Masked Face – a versatile resource for AI enthusiasts. It combines FFHQ's high-quality images with Google-scraped pictures, enabling gender classification and facial recognition research, even in mask-wearing scenarios.

About Dataset

Welcome to our “Gender Classified Dataset with Masked Face,” a meticulously crafted collection resulting from a thorough process. We began by leveraging the FFHQ dataset, known for its high-quality face images, as our foundational source. To complement these images, we curated additional pictures through Google scraping. This fusion of sources has yielded a versatile and unique dataset catering to the needs of researchers and developers alike.

Gender Classified Dataset

Key Features of the Dataset

Our dataset boasts a multitude of features and advantages:

  1. Diverse Data: Spanning various sources, our dataset encompasses a broad spectrum of facial expressions, genders, and demographics.
  2. Masked Faces: In response to the prevalent mask-wearing trend, our dataset includes images of individuals wearing masks, making it particularly suitable for studies involving facial recognition with masks.
  3. High-Quality Images: By incorporating FFHQ images, we ensure high resolution and quality, providing reliable data for AI model training.
  4. Ethical Data Collection: Our data collection process upholds ethical and legal standards, ensuring compliance and accountability in AI research.


The “Masked Face Gender Classified Dataset” opens up new avenues for AI and machine learning enthusiasts, offering countless possibilities:

Gender classification with mask detection

Facial recognition in real-world scenarios

Development of more robust and accurate facial recognition models

Analysis of the impact of mask-wearing on facial recognition accuracy


Our “Gender Classified Dataset with Masked Face” serves as a valuable resource for AI and facial recognition researchers and developers. By combining the robustness of FFHQ with the diversity of Google-scraped images, this dataset provides a uniquely versatile set for various applications. Dive into this treasure trove of images and uncover fascinating insights in the realms of AI and data science.

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