Fruits Dataset for Classification

Fruits Dataset for Classification


Fruits Dataset for Classification


Fruits Dataset for Classification

Use Case

Image Classification


Preprocessed dataset of fruits for classification

Fruits Dataset for Classification

About Dataset

(strawberries, peaches, pomegranates) Photo requirements:
1-White background
3- Image size 300*300
The number of photos required is 250 photos of each fruit when it is fresh and 250 photos of each fruit when it is rotten.
Total 1500 images

Diverse Collection

With a diverse collection of Product images, the files provides an excellent foundation for developing and testing machine learning models designed for image recognition and allocation. Each image is captured under different lighting conditions and backgrounds, offering a realistic challenge for algorithms to overcome.

Real-World Applications

The variability in the dataset ensures that models trained on it can generalize well to real-world scenarios, making them robust and reliable. The dataset includes common fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges, and strawberries, among others, allowing for comprehensive training and evaluation.

Industry Use Cases

One of the significant advantages of using the Fruits Dataset for Classification is its applicability in various fields such as agriculture, retail, and the food industry. In agriculture, it can help automate the process of fruit sorting and grading, enhancing efficiency and reducing labor costs. In retail, it can be used to develop automated checkout systems that accurately identify fruits, streamlining the purchasing process.

Educational Value

The dataset is also valuable for educational purposes, providing students and educators with a practical tool to learn and teach machine learning concepts. By working with this dataset, learners can gain hands-on experience in data preprocessing, model training, and evaluation.


The Fruits Dataset for Classification is a versatile and indispensable resource for advancing the field of image classification. Its diverse and high-quality images, coupled with practical applications, make it a go-to dataset for researchers, developers, and educators aiming to improve and innovate in machine learning and computer vision.


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