Fruit Images For Object Detection

Fruit Images For Object Detection


Fruit Images For Object Detection


Fruit Images For Object Detection

Use Case

Computer Vision


Containing labelled fruit images to train object detection systems.

Fruit Images For Object Detection

About Dataset


This dataset is part of a project and contains data for object detection.


A different dataset for object detection. 240 images in train folder. 60 images in test folder


3 different fruits:





.xml files were created with LabelImg. It is super easy to label objects in images.


I inspired from EdjeElectronics to make my project.

Technical Specifications

Image Acquisition

The images in the dataset are acquired using high-quality cameras, ensuring clarity and detail. Annotation Process

Annotations are performed by experts in computer vision and agriculture, ensuring high accuracy and consistency. Each fruit is carefully labeled with bounding boxes, occlusions, and truncations, providing comprehensive data for training and validation purposes.

Data Format and Accessibility

This ensures compatibility with various machine learning frameworks and tools, facilitating seamless integration into research and development workflows.

Future Directions and Enhancements

Expansion of Dataset

Efforts are ongoing to expand the dataset to include more images and additional fruit categories. 

Integration with IoT and Smart Agriculture

Integrating the ripe picture for Data with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smart agriculture solutions can revolutionize the field. 

Collaborative Research and Development

The dataset is intended to foster collaborative research and development. By providing a common benchmark, researchers from different institutions and industries can work together to improve object detection algorithms and develop innovative solutions for various agricultural and retail applications.


The Fruit Images for Object Detection Dataset is an essential resource for advancing the field of object detection and classification in AI. With its high-resolution images, detailed annotations, and comprehensive coverage of diverse fruit categories, the dataset offers immense potential for developing accurate and efficient AI-driven solutions. 

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