Flickr Image Dataset

Flickr Image Dataset


Flickr Image Dataset


Flickr Image Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


The Flickr30k dataset has become a standard benchmark for sentence-based image description.

Flickr Image Dataset

About Dataset

The Flickr30k dataset is widely used to test how well computers can describe images with sentences. A new version called Flickr30k Entities has been introduced. It adds more information to the original dataset by linking words or phrases that refer to the same thing across different image captions. 

Researchers have developed a strong starting point for this task by combining different techniques. These include matching images with text, identifying common objects, recognizing colors, and favoring larger objects. 

Technical Specifications

Image Acquisition

The images in the dataset are sourced from Flickr, a platform known for its vast and diverse collection of user-uploaded photos. The acquisition process involves filtering for high-quality images that are relevant for machine learning purposes.

Annotation Process

Annotations are derived from user-generated metadata on Flickr, including tags, descriptions, and comments. 

Data Format and Accessibility

This ensures compatibility with various machine learning frameworks and tools, facilitating easy integration into research and development workflows.


The Data is an essential resource for advancing the field of computer vision and AI. With its high-resolution images, rich annotations, and comprehensive coverage of diverse categories, the dataset offers immense potential for developing accurate and efficient AI-driven solutions.

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