Fire and Smoke Dataset

Fire and Smoke Dataset


Fire and Smoke Dataset


Fire and Smoke Dataset

Use Case

Fire Detection


A Fire and Smoke Dataset is a collection of images and data specifically curated for the development, training, and evaluation of machine learning models and computer vision algorithms designed to detect and classify fires and smoke in various environments. This type of dataset is essential for applications such as fire monitoring, early warning systems, and disaster management.

About Dataset

This file contains over 7000 original images of blaze and mist, collected from both urban and rural areas by more than 1000 contributors. Each image has been carefully reviewed by computer vision experts at Datacluster Labs to ensure accuracy.


Dataset Features

  1. Size: Over 7000 images
  2. Contributors: Over 1000 crowdsource contributors
  3. Resolution: 98% of images are HD or higher (1920×1080 and above)
  4. Location: Captured in over 400 cities across India
  5. Diversity: Includes images captured in various lighting conditions, such as day and night, from different distances and viewpoints.
  6. Devices Used: Images captured using mobile phones between 2020 and 2021
  7. Potential Uses: Fire and smoke detection, smart cameras, fire alarm systems, etc.
  8. Available Annotation Formats

Available Annotation formats



Globose Technology Solutions Private Limited leads the way in fire and smoke detection technology, utilizing insights from the Fire and Smoke Dataset. With a focus on safety and efficiency, our advanced technologies enable early detection and swift response to fire incidents. Globose is committed to enhancing fire safety with cutting-edge solutions that prioritize protecting lives and property.

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