Feather Dataset

Feather Dataset


Feather Dataset


Feather Dataset

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Explore the Feather Dataset, featuring high-resolution photos of bird feathers with handwritten notes in Polish.


The Feather Dataset is a comprehensive collection of high-resolution photos of bird feathers, provided in JPEG image format. Each image showcases multiple feathers accompanied by handwritten notes in Polish. These notes contain valuable information about the bird species, as well as the location and date of feather collection. The handwritten details are ideal for testing and training handwritten text recognition algorithms like OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

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Key Features

  • High-Resolution Images: Each photo is taken with a high-resolution camera to ensure clarity and detail.
  • Handwritten Notes: The images include handwritten information about the bird species, location, and date of feather collection. This feature is particularly useful for developing and testing OCR algorithms.
  • Varied Feather Types: The dataset includes feathers from multiple bird species, providing a diverse range of samples for analysis.
  • Consistent Background: Most photos are taken against a white background, which helps in isolating the feathers for image processing tasks.


  • Ornithological Research: The dataset can be used for studies on bird species identification and classification based on feather morphology.
  • Handwritten Text Recognition: Ideal for training OCR algorithms to read handwritten notes.
  • Machine Learning and AI: Suitable for developing models in image classification, recognition, and biodiversity research.
  • Educational Purposes: Can be used in educational settings to teach about bird species, feather identification, and data annotation techniques.

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