Fake/Real Logo Detection Dataset

Fake/Real Logo Detection Dataset


Fake/Real Logo Detection Dataset


Fake/Real Logo Detection Dataset

Use Case

Logo authenticity


A fake/real logo detection dataset is a collection of images and labels designed for training and evaluating machine learning models to distinguish between authentic (real) and counterfeit (fake) logos or brand marks. Such a dataset is valuable for developing algorithms that can help identify counterfeit products, protect brand integrity, and maintain consumer trust.


Fake/Real Logo Detection Dataset

About Dataset

Welcome to our AI data collection company! We’re thrilled to introduce the Fake vs. Authentic Logo Recognition Dataset, crafted to support your AI and machine learning endeavors. This dataset offers a fantastic opportunity to enrich your models and algorithms with top-notch logo images.

Logo Detection Dataset


In the realm of artificial intelligence, telling fake logos apart from authentic ones is no easy feat. That’s why we’ve carefully curated the Fake vs. Authentic Logo Recognition Dataset. Our goal is to provide you with a robust dataset that simplifies model development and ensures efficient computational processing. All logo images in our dataset are resized to a user-friendly 70×70 dimension, making them seamlessly integrate into your projects.

Benefits of Our Dataset

  1. High-quality logo images tailored for AI and machine learning applications.
  2. Consistently sized images (70×70) for effortless integration into your models.
  3. Improved accuracy in identifying fake and authentic logos.
  4. A resource-efficient solution designed to streamline computational complexity.


At Globose Technology Solutions, we specialize in Fake/Real Logo Detection, leveraging advanced machine learning techniques for precise identification. Our solutions play a crucial role in brand protection and anti-counterfeiting efforts, safeguarding the authenticity of visual brand representations.

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