Face Attributes Grouped

Face Attributes Grouped


Face Attributes Grouped


Face Attributes Grouped

Use Case

Facial Analysis


Face Attributes Grouped' dataset, an extraordinary collection featuring five distinct groups of face-related attributes, with each group comprising four sub-categories. These meticulously prepared images, all center-cropped to 512x512 resolution, are ideal for various AI applications.

Face Attributes Grouped

About Dataset

Welcome to our AI data collection company! Here at GTS, we are passionate about exploring the fascinating world of facial attributes. This article delves into an exciting dataset that showcases images across five distinct groups of face-related attributes, each with its own set of sub-categories. These meticulously curated images feature people’s faces, all perfectly aligned and center-cropped to a standard resolution of 512×512 pixels.

Section 1: Understanding the Face Attributes Grouped Dataset

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of data innovation. Our “Face Attributes Grouped” dataset exemplifies our dedication to quality and precision. This collection offers unparalleled insight into the world of facial attributes. By providing detailed and organized data, this dataset enables groundbreaking research and applications. Moreover, it reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in facial attribute analysis.

Section 2: Exploring the Five Fascinating Face Attribute Groups

Our dataset is organized into five captivating groups, each with its own distinct set of attributes. First, we have the “Problems” group, which focuses on identifying and addressing specific issues.

Group 1: Expressive Emotions

    • Sub-categories: Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised
    • 1,200 images per sub-category

Group 2: Age Progression

    • Sub-categories: Young, Middle-aged, Mature, Elderly
    • 1,200 images per sub-category

Group 3: Facial Features

    • Sub-categories: Clear Skin, Facial Hair, Glasses, No Glasses
    • 1,200 images per sub-category

Group 4: Identity Traits

    • Sub-categories: Male, Female, Neutral, Non-binary
    • 1,200 images per sub-category

Group 5: Cultural Diversity

    • Sub-categories: Asian, African, Caucasian, Hispanic
    • 1,200 images per sub-category

Section 3: The Art of Face Image Preparation

Each image in our dataset undergoes careful alignment and center-cropping to achieve a standardized resolution of 512×512 pixels. This meticulous preparation ensures that the data is of top quality and ready for a wide range of AI applications. Moreover, our alignment process enhances the consistency of the images, which is crucial for accurate model training.


Navigating through the captivating world of face attribute grouping, we invite you to explore the potential of our remarkable dataset. Whether you’re working on facial recognition, age estimation, or emotion analysis, our meticulously crafted images can elevate your projects. By leveraging these high-quality images, you can achieve outstanding results in various AI applications.

Our dataset’s diversity and precision ensure that your models are trained on the best possible data. With a wide array of facial attributes meticulously labeled, our collection stands out in the industry. Moreover, this diversity ensures your AI systems are robust and accurate. By using our dataset, you can significantly enhance the performance of your models. Therefore, dive in and discover how our dataset can transform your AI initiatives today!

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