EyeT4Empathy: Eye Movement and Empathy Dataset

EyeT4Empathy: Eye Movement and Empathy Dataset


EyeT4Empathy: Eye Movement and Empathy Dataset


EyeT4Empathy: Eye Movement and Empathy Dataset

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Discover the EyeT4Empathy Dataset, a groundbreaking resource by GTS that integrates eye movement tracking with empathy assessments.


Developed through a collaborative effort by Pedro Lencastre, Samip Bhurtel, Anis Yazidi, Gustavo B. M. e Mello, Sergiy Denysov, and Pedro G. Lind, the EyeT4Empathy dataset is a rich resource capturing intricate patterns of eye movement and empathy evaluations from 60 participants. This dataset uniquely merges the exploration of visual information, gaze typing dynamics, and empathy assessment, offering a detailed view into the interaction between visual cognition and emotional understanding.

Tasks and Methodology: Participants engaged in two specific activities:

  1. Visual Exploration: Participants freely observed unstructured images, allowing for natural eye movement tracking.
  2. Gaze Typing: Utilizing an eye-gaze interface, participants completed typing tasks, providing insights into gaze-controlled interactions.

These activities were recorded using advanced eye-tracking technologies, resulting in a dataset that includes gaze positions and pupil diameter metrics. The dataset is divided into two segments, each catering to the distinct tasks performed.

Empathy Assessment: The empathy aspect of the dataset focuses on assessing both cognitive and affective components of empathy, particularly relevant for individuals with movement impairments. This was evaluated through a detailed 40-question survey administered twice to each participant, aiming to gauge changes or consistencies in empathic responses.

Dataset Specifications:

Measurements: Gaze position, pupil diameter.
Technology: Eye-tracking devices.
Influencing Factors: Luminosity, screen distance.
Sample Details:
Organism: Human
Setting: Controlled laboratory environment
Location: Oslo, Norway

Data Availability: The dataset, which includes eye movement recordings and empathy evaluation responses, is publicly accessible through Scientific Data. It comprises:
Eye Tracker Data: 504 CSV files detailing eye movements.
Raw Data: 60 TSV files capturing comprehensive eye-tracking data.
Questionnaires: Files available in PDF and other formats, providing insights into the empathy assessments.

Supplementary Documentation: Additional resources such as ‘columns_explained.pdf’ and ‘coordinate_system.pdf’ are available, offering detailed explanations of the data columns and the coordinate systems used.

Dataset Usage: This dataset is a valuable tool for researchers interested in the intersections of eye movement dynamics, user interface design via gaze tracking, and the psychological aspects of empathy. It provides a comprehensive base for studying how eye movement patterns can reflect cognitive and emotional states.


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