Enhanced Car Logo Dataset

Enhanced Car Logo Dataset


Enhanced Car Logo Dataset


Enhanced Car Logo Dataset

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Enhanced Car Logo Dataset


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Enhanced Car Logo Dataset


The Enhanced Car Logo Dataset is an extensive resource tailored for developing and evaluating car logo recognition systems. Moreover, this dataset is invaluable for tasks involving pattern recognition, computer vision analysis, logo detection, localization, and classification.

Download Dataset

Total Size: 14.8 MB

Number of Samples: 544 high-quality color logo images

Image Format: PNG

Number of Classes: 32 distinct car brands

Images per Class: 17 images for each car brand

Image Source: Logos were meticulously collected from diverse online sources to ensure variety and comprehensiveness

Dataset Structure:

The dataset is organized into separate folders for each car brand, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. Each folder contains 17 images, ensuring a balanced representation of each brand.


This dataset is specifically designed for car logo image recognition and classification tasks. As a result, it offers ample opportunities for researchers and developers to:

Analyze Logo Patterns: Study the distinct features and patterns of various car logos

Detect and Localize Logos: Implement algorithms to accurately detect and pinpoint logos within images

Recognize Logos: Train models to recognize and classify different car logos with high accuracy

Additional Content:

Annotations: Each image in the dataset includes metadata such as the brand name, image resolution, and color attributes. This additional information significantly aids in more detailed analysis and model training.

Augmented Samples: The dataset includes various augmented versions of the original images. For instance, it features rotated, scaled, and color-adjusted logos. These augmentations help train more robust recognition models.

Benchmarking Results: A dedicated section presents benchmarking results from various recognition models applied to this dataset. This reference is invaluable for comparing model performance and improvements.

Research Publications: We provide a curated list of research publications that have utilized this dataset. Consequently, this helps users understand the dataset’s impact and applications in real-world research.

Use Cases:

Academic Research: The dataset supports scholarly research in pattern recognition, computer vision, and AI. Moreover, it provides a rich resource for academic studies, enhancing the understanding and development of these fields.

Industrial Applications: It is also useful for automotive industry applications such as automated logo recognition systems in marketing, quality control, and customer service. In addition, it can streamline processes and improve accuracy in various industrial settings.

Machine Learning Competitions: The dataset is ideal for use in competitions to benchmark logo recognition algorithms. Consequently, it provides a competitive edge to participants by offering a comprehensive and high-quality resource.

Access and Usage:

The Enhanced Car Logo Dataset is available for download at the GTS Dataset Download page. We encourage users to cite this dataset in their research and share any improvements or findings with the community. This way, we can collectively advance the field.

This comprehensive and enriched dataset significantly advances the field of car logo recognition. It provides researchers and developers with the tools they need to push the boundaries of what is possible in pattern recognition and computer vision.

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