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Join the Dockship Boat Type Classification Challenge! Use a dataset featuring images of 9 boat types to train models and classify test images accurately.



Embark on the Dockship Boat Type Classification Challenge! This challenge tasks participants with accurately categorizing images into specific boat types using our provided dataset.

Dataset Details: The dataset comprises images of nine distinct types of boats, organized within two main directories: “TRAIN” and “TEST.” The “TRAIN” directory contains 1162 images segmented by boat type, each residing in its class-labeled folder. The “TEST” directory consists of 300 images that participants will classify.

Boat Classes:

  1. Ferry Boat
  2. Gondola
  3. Sailboat
  4. Cruise Ship
  5. Kayak
  6. Inflatable Boat
  7. Paper Boat
  8. Buoy
  9. Freight Boat

Objective: Participants are to classify each image in the “TEST” directory into one of the nine available classes accurately.

Submission Requirements:

Submissions must be consolidated into a single CSV file named ‘output.csv’. This file should contain two columns: “Filename” and “Class.” The first row of the file must be the column headers.


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