Cybersecurity Imagery Dataset

Cybersecurity Imagery Dataset


Cybersecurity Imagery Dataset


Cybersecurity Imagery Dataset

Use Case

Cybersecurity Imagery Dataset


Explore the Cybersecurity Imagery Dataset, featuring two years of curated Google Image Search results for 28 privacy and cybersecurity terms.

Cybersecurity Imagery Dataset


The Cybersecurity Imagery Dataset encompasses two years of curated Google Image Search results for 28 search terms related to privacy and cybersecurity. This dataset aims to provide insights into the visual representation and evolving discourse around these critical themes.

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The dataset includes images for the following 28 search terms:

  1. virtual reality
  2. wearable
  3. biosensing
  4. bodycam
  5. device
  6. SeeChange
  7. cybersecurity
  8. privacy
  9. camera privacy
  10. camera surveillance
  11. sousveillance
  12. surveillance
  13. lifelogging
  14. the circle
  15. the circle camera
  16. the circle surveillance
  17. childtrack
  18. lifelogging SeeChange
  19. pastperfect
  20. privacy is theft
  21. privacy SeeChange
  22. secrets are lies
  23. SeeChange
  24. SeeChange camera
  25. SeeChange surveillance
  26. sharing is caring
  27. truyou
  28. passthought

For each search term, 100 images were scraped weekly using a custom Google Search Engine (Google CSE), resulting in a comprehensive visual dataset that tracks the evolution of these terms over time.

Dataset Structure: The dataset is organized by search term and timestamp, providing a chronological view of how the representation of each term has evolved. Each image entry includes metadata such as the search term, date of scraping, and image source.

Search Term Categories:

  1. Technological Themes:
    • General Technologies: virtual reality, wearable, biosensing, bodycam, device.
    • These terms capture how representations of emerging technologies change with advancements and shifting societal interests.
  2. Abstract Ideas and Practices:
    • Privacy and Surveillance: cybersecurity, privacy, camera privacy, camera surveillance, sousveillance, surveillance, lifelogging.
    • This category explores the dynamic visual representation of privacy and surveillance practices and their impact on public discourse.
  3. Cultural References:
    • “The Circle” Themes: the circle, the circle camera, the circle surveillance, childtrack, lifelogging SeeChange, pastperfect, privacy is theft, privacy SeeChange, secrets are lies, SeeChange, SeeChange camera, SeeChange surveillance, sharing is caring, truyou.
    • Inspired by Dave Eggers’ book and its film adaptation, these terms examine how fictional representations influence real-world perceptions and vice versa.

Purpose and Applications:

  • Trend Analysis: Analyze trends in visual representation and their correlation with technological advancements and cultural shifts.
  • Academic Research: Facilitate studies in cybersecurity, privacy, surveillance, and media representation.
  • AI Training: Provide a rich source of labeled images for training machine learning models in image recognition and classification related to privacy and cybersecurity themes.
  • Cultural Studies: Examine how fictional narratives and real-world concerns intersect and influence public perception.

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