Columbia Object Image Library (COIL-100) Dataset

Columbia Object Image Library (COIL-100) Dataset


Columbia Object Image Library (COIL-100) Dataset


Columbia Object Image Library (COIL-100) Dataset

Use Case

Object Recognition


This serves as a widely used files in computer vision and pattern recognition. Researchers design it for object recognition and image classification tasks, extending the original Files.

Columbia Object Image Library (COIL-100) Dataset

About Dataset

We’re thrilled about the Columbia article figure study Files! It’s a fantastic collection of color images showcasing 100 different objects. The clever part? These objects were placed on a rotating table against a black background, and pictures were taken every 5 degrees.

The methodology behind this dataset is fascinating. The objects were carefully positioned on a motorized turntable, set against a sleek black background, and images were captured at regular intervals of 5 degrees. These meticulous data collection efforts were not in vain. The COIL-100 Dataset played a pivotal role in the development of a real-time system capable of recognizing and displaying the angular pose of these 100 objects.

  1. Popular resource in computer vision and pattern recognition.
  2. Contains 100 different objects.
  3. Each object imaged at various angles.
  4. Ideal for object recognition and image classification tasks.
  5. Extends the original COIL-20 dataset.
  6. Offers a more extensive collection.
  7. Enhances utility for researchers and developers.
  8. Comprehensive and high-quality images.
  9. Helps train and evaluate machine learning models.
  10. Improves accuracy in real-world applications.
  11. Essential for advancing object recognition technology.
  12. Supports development of robust computer vision systems.

By exploring the COIL-100 Dataset, we can unlock numerous AI and computer vision applications. The extensive variety of objects and precise pose information make it a goldmine for research and development. Conclusion

At Globose Technology Solutions, we’re using the COIL-100 Dataset to improve object recognition solutions. Our advanced algorithms are making a difference in areas like industrial automation and security systems.


It is invaluable for advancing object recognition and image classification. Its extensive and high-quality collection of object images supports researchers and developers in creating accurate and robust computer vision systems, making it a crucial resource in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition.

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