COCO 2014 Dataset (for YOLOv3)

COCO 2014 Dataset (for YOLOv3)


COCO 2014 Dataset (for YOLOv3)


COCO 2014 Dataset (for YOLOv3)

Use Case

Computer Vision


The MS COCO (Microsoft Common Objects in Context) dataset is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, key-point detection.

COCO 2014 Dataset (for YOLOv3)

About Dataset


The MS COCO dataset is a big collection of images used for various tasks like spotting objects, outlining them, identifying key points, and adding captions. It contains around 164,000 images.

This version from 2014, originally available on the COCO Dataset website, is now accessible on Kaggle for convenience. 


The 2014 version of the COCO dataset is a really good collection for spotting objects. It has 80 different types of objects, like cars, people, and animals. There are 82,783 images for training and 40,504 images for validation. 

The dataset was originally divided into training (83,000 images), validation (41,000 images), and test (41,000 images) sets.

  1. Comprehensive Data: The Data is an extensive collection of high-quality images, perfect for training YOLOv3 models for object detection and segmentation tasks.

  2. Diverse Categories: With over 80 object categories, the COCO 2014 Dataset offers a diverse range of annotated images, ensuring comprehensive coverage for various machine learning applications.

  3. Ideal for Computer Vision: Designed specifically for computer vision projects, this dataset provides the necessary data to enhance the performance and accuracy of YOLOv3 models.

  4. Rich Annotations: The COCO 2014 Dataset includes detailed annotations, such as bounding boxes, segmentations, and keypoints, facilitating precise training for advanced AI models.

  5. Widely Used Benchmark: As a widely recognized benchmark in the AI community, the COCO 2014 Dataset is essential for researchers and developers aiming to achieve state-of-the-art results with YOLOv3.

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