Cloud/Sky Segmentation

Cloud/Sky Segmentation


Cloud/Sky Segmentation


Cloud/Sky Segmentation

Use Case

Aerial Imaging


Cloud/sky segmentation is a computer vision and image processing technique that aims to distinguish and separate the regions of an image or video frame that correspond to the sky or clouds from the rest of the scene. This technology is particularly valuable in various applications, such as weather forecasting, autonomous navigation for drones and self-driving cars, and image enhancement.

Cloud/Sky Segmentation

About Dataset

Welcome to our AI data collection company! We’re excited to share a valuable resource with AI researchers and enthusiasts: a collection of over 500 carefully labeled images featuring beautiful skies and clouds. This dataset has many potential uses, such as training navigation systems for drones, improving weather prediction, and helping with flight control systems.

Cloud/Sky Segmentation

Dataset Origins

We gathered the data for this special dataset at Acme AI. Our team collected images during different seasons with varying levels of cloud cover—low, moderate, and high. Our main data collection spot was in Bangladesh, a place known for its diverse sky and cloud views because it’s located where the Torrid and Temperate zones meet.


Globose Technology Solutions is great at cloud and sky segmentation, using advanced algorithms for accurate identification. Our solutions have many uses, from better weather forecasts to improving photography. This shows our dedication to staying on top of the latest segmentation technology.

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