Cityscapes Image Pairs

Cityscapes Image Pairs


Cityscapes Image Pairs


Cityscapes Image Pairs

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Computer Vision


Cityscapes data (dataset home page) contains labeled videos taken from vehicles driven in Germany. This version is a processed subsample created as part of the Pix2Pix paper.

Cityscapes Image Pairs

About Dataset


The Cityscapes dataset contains labeled videos captured from vehicles driving in Germany. This processed subset, created for the Pix2Pix paper, includes still images extracted from the original videos. Each image shows both the original view and its semantic segmentation labels, which identify different objects and areas in the scene. This dataset is highly regarded for tasks like semantic segmentation, which involves understanding what’s in an image at a detailed level.


This dataset consists of 2975 training image files and 500 validation image files. Each image file is 256×512 pixels in size. In each file, you’ll find a composite image where the original photo is on the left half, and the labeled image (showing semantic segmentation) is on the right half.



This dataset is identical to the one available from the Berkeley AI Research group.


The Cityscapes dataset from comes with the following rules:

This dataset is freely provided for both academic and non-academic use, as long as it’s not for making money. You can use it for things like research, teaching, scientific publications, or personal projects. But, you need to agree to some conditions:

The dataset is provided as it is, without any guarantees. Even though we’ve tried our best to make it accurate, we (Daimler AG, MPI Informatics, TU Darmstadt) aren’t responsible for any errors or missing information.
When you use the dataset in your work, you must mention it. For research papers, cite our preferred publication listed on our website. For other types of media, also cite our preferred publication or link to the Cityscapes website.
You’re not allowed to share the dataset or any changes you make to it. However, you can share abstract representations, like models trained on it, as long as they don’t let others get the dataset or anything similar to it.
You can’t use the dataset or any changed versions for making money. This means you can’t sell the data, license it, or use it to earn a profit in any way.
All other rights not specifically given to you are kept by (Daimler AG, MPI Informatics, TU Darmstadt).


Can you tell what objects are in these images taken from a vehicle?

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