CIFAR-100 Python

CIFAR-100 Python


CIFAR-100 Python


CIFAR-100 Python

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CIFAR-100 (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research 100) is a popular dataset in computer vision and machine learning. It is an extension of the CIFAR-10 dataset and is designed to be more challenging, containing 100 classes of objects for image classification tasks.

About Dataset

Looking for the CIFAR-100 Python dataset for your AI projects? You’re in luck! Our company specializes in providing valuable datasets for artificial intelligence tasks.


The CIFAR-100 dataset is well-known for containing 100 different classes, making it incredibly useful for various machine learning tasks. Whether you’re working on image classification, object recognition, or other AI projects, this dataset is a valuable resource.

CIFAR-100 Overview:

CIFAR-100 is a widely-used benchmark dataset comprising 100 classes, each containing 600 images. These images, sized 32×32 pixels, facilitate training and evaluating machine learning models, particularly in tasks like object recognition and image classification.

Training and Testing Sets:

The dataset is divided into training and testing sets, enabling accurate assessment of algorithm performance. This division ensures robust model evaluation and fosters the development of reliable computer vision techniques.

Class Diversity:

CIFAR-100 offers a diverse range of object classes, including animals, vehicles, and various everyday objects. This diversity enriches model training and evaluation, allowing researchers to address a wide array of real-world visual recognition challenges.

Research and Development:

CIFAR-100 serves as a cornerstone in the development of deep learning techniques for image understanding. Researchers leverage its standardized format to compare algorithm performance and showcase advancements in computer vision research.



At Globose Technology Solutions Private Limited, we recognize the significance of the CIFAR-100 Python dataset for image classification. With its diverse range of 100 object classes, we’re committed to using and advancing machine learning and computer vision applications to lead in artificial intelligence innovation.

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