Chinese Calligraphy Styles Dataset

Chinese Calligraphy Styles Dataset


Chinese Calligraphy Styles Dataset


Chinese Calligraphy Styles Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


Discover a diverse collection of 2,000 images showcasing four major Chinese calligraphy styles: Seal Script, Cursive Script, Clerical Script, and Standard Script. Moreover, each style is meticulously represented to provide a comprehensive understanding of Chinese calligraphy. Additionally, this collection serves as an invaluable resource for both enthusiasts and researchers. Furthermore, by exploring these images, you can gain deeper insights into the artistic nuances and historical significance of each calligraphy style.

Chinese Calligraphy Styles Dataset

2,000 images for 4 different calligraphy styles scraped from Google Images.


Fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of China, particularly its diverse calligraphy styles, I embarked on creating a dataset to develop a Chinese calligraphy classifier. Moreover, this project aims to showcase and preserve the distinctiveness of each calligraphy style, reflecting their historical significance and artistic nuances. Additionally, by meticulously curating and classifying these styles, I hope to provide a valuable resource for both enthusiasts and researchers. Furthermore, this initiative not only highlights the beauty of Chinese calligraphy but also contributes to its preservation and appreciation for future generations.

Calligraphy Styles

  1. The dataset comprises four major calligraphy styles, each representing a different era and aesthetic approach:
  2. Seal Script (篆書 zhuanshu): Originating from the ancient Seal characters, this style is known for its angular and intricate strokes, often used in seals and formal inscriptions.
  3. Cursive Script (草書 caoshu): Characterized by its flowing and rapid strokes, this style emphasizes speed and spontaneity, often used in informal contexts.
  4. Clerical Script (隸書 lishu): Developed during the Han dynasty, this style features more structured and simplified characters, suitable for official documents and inscriptions.
  5. Standard Script (楷書 kaishu): The most widely used style in modern times, known for its regular and balanced strokes, commonly used in printing and everyday writing.

Data Collection

To create this dataset, I utilized Google Images’ search functionality and custom JavaScript snippets to gather a diverse range of high-quality images for each calligraphy style. Moreover, the dataset contains 500 images for each style, meticulously curated to represent the unique characteristics of each script. Additionally, by employing these methods, I ensured the collection is both comprehensive and representative of the various calligraphy styles. Furthermore, this approach allows for a more thorough understanding and appreciation of the distinct features inherent in each script.

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