Children vs Adults Classification

Children vs Adults Classification


Children vs Adults Classification


Children vs Adults Classification

Use Case

Age verification


A "Children vs Adults" classification task involves the classification of individuals into two categories: children and adults. This task can be applied in various contexts, such as age verification for online content, targeted advertising, monitoring age-restricted activities, or demographic analysis.

About Dataset

Welcome to our dataset! We have two folders: one for testing and one for training. The testing set has 120 images, and the training set has 680 images, with a ratio of 0.15 between them.


Image Characteristics

All images in this dataset are standardized to a resolution of 370×320 pixels and are in the RGB color model. Keeping the images uniform in size and format makes sure that they’re really useful for machine learning stuff.

Two Primary Classes

The dataset is structured around the classification of individuals into two primary categories:

  1. Adults
  2. Children

This classification schema is ideal for various AI applications, such as age estimation, facial recognition, and demographic analysis.

We’re calling all curious minds, researchers, and AI buffs to dive into our Kid vs. ripe allocation dataset. Adult Classification dataset. This dataset’s worth shines in crafting and testing tech that can tell apart adults from kids in photos, potentially boosting fields like child protection or age-focused market research.


At Globose Technology Solutions, we’re experts in accurately classifying images of children vs. adults. Our smart algorithms make sure we can identify people correctly while also respecting privacy and ethics for a safer online experience.

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