Child and Adult Emotions: Basic Mood Recognition

Child and Adult Emotions: Basic Mood Recognition


Child and Adult Emotions: Basic Mood Recognition


Child and Adult Emotions: Basic Mood Recognition

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Explore our unique Child and Adult Emotions Dataset, featuring high-resolution images capturing basic moods like seriousness, sadness, and happiness.

Child and Adult Emotions: Basic Mood Recognition

About the Dataset


The recognition of emotions in a natural setting often provides more realistic insights compared to the artificial environments typically used in emotion dataset creation. This dataset is intended primarily for personal research in emotion analysis. It is important to note that this dataset may not represent a diverse range of demographics as it includes only individuals from a single family background.


This dataset is currently being compiled and a more detailed description will be available soon. It includes 160×160 pixel images of an adult and a child displaying various moods. Each image is named with a two-part prefix system:

The first prefix indicates the subject: ’01’ for adult and ’02’ for child.
The second prefix denotes the emotion: ’01’ for serious, ’02’ for sad, and ’03’ for glad.


Special thanks to my son for permitting the use of his childhood photos in this dataset.


This dataset aims to explore the limits of information recognition by algorithms in the context of image-based emotion detection. It provides a valuable resource for those interested in how well contemporary technology can identify and differentiate between basic human emotions from facial expressions.


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