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Cars on Wheels


Cars on Wheels


Cars on Wheels

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LEGO Minifigure Faces Dataset


Explore the Cars on Wheels dataset, featuring high-quality images from Ideal for academic research, machine learning projects.

Cars on Wheels


The Cars on Wheels dataset is designed for academic and research purposes, offering a rich collection of car images to facilitate machine learning and computer vision projects.

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  • Source: Primarily sourced from, ensuring high-quality and diverse images.
  • Variety: Includes full car images, close-ups, and various car parts to support detailed classification tasks.
  • Categories: Different car models, colors, and environments, capturing the diversity in car appearances and settings.


  • Academic Research: Ideal for university projects and research in computer vision.
  • Machine Learning: Suitable for training and validating models for car detection, classification, and recognition.
  • Automotive Industry: Can be used to develop applications for car identification, autonomous driving systems, and inventory management.

Technical Details:

  • Format: Images are available in high resolution.
  • Annotations: Each image is labeled with metadata, including car make, model, and part.
  • Size: The dataset comprises thousands of images to ensure robust training and testing of models.

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