Carla Traffic Lights Images

Carla Traffic Lights Images


Carla Traffic Lights Images


Carla Traffic Lights Images

Use Case

Autonomous driving


In the context of autonomous driving and simulation, "CARLA" often refers to the CARLA simulator, which is a popular open-source simulation platform for autonomous driving research. CARLA is used for testing and developing algorithms related to self-driving cars, including traffic light recognition and control.

Carla Traffic Lights Images

About Dataset

Welcome to our AI data collection company, where we’re excited to introduce the Stop light figure Dataset! This collection of images, sourced from the CARLA open-source autonomous driving simulator, is designed to be a valuable resource for various AI applications.


Our Stop light figure Dataset comprises more than 2500 meticulously curated images, each carefully labeled according to their respective colors and angles of view. This dataset is a goldmine for anyone into AI, from developers to researchers, letting you hone your models specifically for spotting and understanding traffic lights.

Dataset Highlights

Over 2500 high-quality images of traffic lights

Categorized by colors: red, green, yellow, and black

‘Black’ category for rear and side views of traffic lights

Sourced from CARLA, a renowned open-source autonomous driving simulator

Suitable for real-world traffic light applications

Benefits: By using our Carla Traffic Lights Image Dataset, you can

  1. Improve the accuracy of your AI models for traffic light recognition
  2. Enhance autonomous vehicle navigation systems
  3. Develop applications for traffic light analysis and control
  4. Train AI models for real-world traffic scenarios

Why Choose Our Dataset?

  1. Diversity: With images covering different traffic light scenarios, our dataset is versatile and suitable for various AI projects.
  2. Quality: We’ve ensured that each image meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy.
  3. Real-World Applicability: Our dataset includes rear and side views, making it suitable for real-world traffic scenarios.
  4. SEO-Friendly and Plagiarism-Free: Our content is optimized for search engines, and we guarantee its originality.


Globose Technology Solutions excels in utilizing Carla Traffic Lights Images to advance computer vision for intelligent transportation systems. Our algorithms, trained on this dataset, ensure precise recognition and analysis, contributing to enhanced traffic flow and safety in smart urban environments.


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