Car Detect Dataset

Car Detect Dataset


Car Detect Dataset


Car Detect Dataset

Use Case

Automobiles and Vehicles


This dataset contains car images for object detection task. The dataset is split into two folders, namely train and test.

Car Detect Dataset

About Dataset

This dataset has pictures of cars for a task called object detection, which means finding and recognizing objects in images. The dataset is divided into two main folders: one for training and the other for testing. However, for training our computer models effectively, we need to divide the training data further into three sets:

Training Set: This set contains images of cars that we’ll use to teach our computer models.

Validation Set: This is like a practice set. We use it to fine-tune our models and make them better before the final test.

Test Set: This set is for the final exam. It has pictures our model has never seen before, and we use it to see how well our model works on new car images.

Each set (train, validation, test) has its own bunch of car pictures. The “meta_data.csv” file contains additional information like where the cars are in the pictures (bounding box coordinates) for the object detection task.

The structure of the data is as follows:


– img_file;
– img_file;
– img_file;
– ……..
– img_file.

– img_file;
– img_file;
– img_file;
– ……..
– img_file.


For the object detection task, the bounding box coordinates can be obtained using meta_deta.csv file.

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