Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (BISINDO) Alphabets

Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (BISINDO) Alphabets


Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (BISINDO) Alphabets


Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (BISINDO) Alphabets

Use Case

Sign Language


Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (BISINDO) with our comprehensive dataset. Explore 312 meticulously captured images, showcasing the BISINDO alphabet from A to Z. Perfect for AI and machine learning projects, our dataset includes images from different backgrounds, ensuring a diverse and rich resource for research and development in sign language recognition and communication.


Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (BISINDO) Alphabets

About Dataset

Our AI data collection company is excited to present an exceptional dataset highlighting the Indonesian sign language, Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (BISINDO). This comprehensive collection features 1:1 scaled images representing every letter of the BISINDO alphabet, from A to Z.

Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia

Image Variations: Our dataset offers a rich mix of images, each set against one of three distinct backgrounds. These backgrounds range from a simple white shirt to a plain white wall, or even a captivating dot-patterned shirt against a white backdrop. Every image is captured front-on and meticulously arranged at a consistent distance of approximately 70 cm from the camera lens.

Abundant Data: Throughout the image capturing process, we ensured thorough coverage for each alphabet. Specifically, we captured four unique images for each background, resulting in a total of 12 images for every letter of the alphabet. This meticulous approach has yielded an impressive compilation of 312 high-quality images, covering the entire BISINDO alphabet from A to Z.


Delve into this invaluable resource to enhance your AI, computer vision, and machine learning projects. It serves as a crucial tool for research and education in sign language recognition – consider it your go-to companion for non-verbal communication.

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