Biscuit Wrappers Dataset

Biscuit Wrappers Dataset


Biscuit Wrappers Dataset


Biscuit Wrappers Dataset

Use Case

Image Classification


This dataset is a valuable resource catering to the interests of biscuit enthusiasts, packaging designers, market researchers.

Biscuit Wrappers Dataset

About Dataset


Introducing the Biscuit Wrappers Collection, a treasure trove celebrating the delightful assortment of sweet and savory snacks with a focus on their colorful packaging. This collection is perfect for biscuit lovers, packaging artists, market analysts, history buffs, data wizards, AI enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the wonderful world of biscuits. Biscuits, beloved snacks enjoyed worldwide, have a rich history and come in countless shapes, flavors, and packaging styles that reflect local customs and modern tastes.

The Biscuit Wrappers Dataset captures the beauty, branding, and creativity evident in the packaging of these delightful snacks, representing various brands, eras, and countries. It presents a valuable opportunity for enthusiasts of data science and machine learning to develop models capable of automatically categorizing and identifying different types of biscuits based on their wrappers. Beyond its visual appeal, this dataset serves as a rich resource for understanding the historical and cultural context surrounding biscuits. Additionally, it provides valuable insights for researchers and market analysts into consumer preferences, design trends, and brand positioning strategies. For packaging designers, the dataset serves as a wellspring of inspiration for crafting visually compelling designs for their own biscuit products, allowing for exploration of diverse styles, colors, typography, and graphical elements.


Within this Dataset, we possess a collection of images depicting 101 distinct varieties of biscuit wrappers. Each wrapper encompasses multiple images that capture different sides and angles.

Structure of the Dataset

Biscuit Wrappers Dataset


We extend a sincere thank you to all the contributors of this dataset. Your efforts have greatly enhanced our collection and deepened our knowledge in this field. Your dedication and hard work in creating this dataset are truly appreciated. Thank you for making this dataset a valuable resource for everyone.

Dataset Contributors:

Sourav Banerjee
Supratim Chakraborty
Sandesh Gaikwad

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Note: The Biscuit Wrappers Dataset is provided for informational and research purposes only. It does not endorse or promote any specific brand or product.

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