Billboards Signs Branding Dataset

Billboards Signs Branding Dataset


Billboards Signs Branding Dataset


Billboards Signs Branding Dataset

Use Case

Billboards Signs Branding Dataset


Discover the Billboards, Signs, and Branding Dataset, designed to enable ad blocking in photos, videos, and augmented reality applications.

Billboards Signs Branding Dataset

About the Dataset

Our mission is to empower users to block advertisements in the physical world, just as they do online. The Billboards, Signs, and Branding Dataset is a pioneering project designed to recognize and filter out billboards and popular corporate logos in photos and, eventually, in augmented reality applications. This dataset is open for contributions and annotation, inviting the community to help us build a comprehensive resource.


The primary objective of this dataset is to enable the identification and subsequent blocking of all forms of signage. By utilizing this dataset, applications can be developed to hide advertisements in photos and videos, and in the future, to mask them in real-time using augmented reality.

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To achieve a thorough and extensive ad-blocking capability, we have categorized the dataset into the following classes:

🚧 Billboard

This category includes:

  • Advertisements on bus benches and shelters
  • Posters on building constructions (often seen with scaffolding)
  • Large outdoor advertisements typically found along highways and on rooftops

🏪 Signage

This category encompasses:

  • Store names and signs on buildings
  • Lists of businesses at strip malls
  • Small standalone advertisements such as campaign signs in people’s yards or flyers on telephone poles
  • Street light banners and similar public space advertisements

📦 Branding

This category covers:

  • Logos and names on products like coffee cups, scooters, and cars
  • Corporate branding on various merchandise
  • Car badges and vehicle branding

Contribution and Annotation

We welcome contributions from the community to help expand and refine this dataset. If you have images of billboards, signage, or branding, please contribute to our collection. Your annotations will play a crucial role in enhancing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of this dataset.

Dataset Usage

This dataset is designed to support the development of machine learning models aimed at recognizing and blocking advertisements. Potential applications include:

  • Photo and video editing tools that automatically hide unwanted ads
  • Augmented reality (AR) applications that mask ads in real-time, providing a cleaner visual experience
  • Enhanced privacy tools that minimize the visual clutter of advertisements in public spaces

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