ArtBench-10 Dataset

ArtBench-10 Dataset


ArtBench-10 Dataset


ArtBench-10 Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


Explore ArtBench-10, the definitive dataset for AI-driven generative artwork. Featuring 60,000 high-quality, balanced images across.

Discover the file, the premier dataset crafted for change the rich art model landscape. This exactly curated collection features 60,000 high-quality images increasing 10 unique artistic styles, protecting a balanced representation with 5,000 training images and 1,000 testing images per style. ArtBench-10 sets itself apart by addressing common imbalances found in similar datasets, offering uniformly high-quality, cleanly annotated images.

Key Highlights:

  • Exceptional Image Quality: Each image adheres to the highest standards of clarity and detail.
  • Standardized Annotations: Ensures seamless integration and consistency across data handling processes.

Multiple Resolutions: Available in three resolutions—32×32, 256×256, and original size—to cater to various application needs within popular machine learning frameworks.


Style Transfer Algorithms

The dataset is extensively used in developing and refining style transfer algorithms, enabling the transfer of artistic styles from the dataset images to new creations.

Art Classification

Researchers use the dataset to train models that can classify artworks into their respective styles, enhancing the capabilities of AI in art identification.

Generative Art

AI models trained on the Data can generate new artworks, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital art creation.

Cultural Preservation

By digitizing and categorizing these artworks, the dataset helps in preserving cultural heritage and making it accessible for future generations.

How to Access Data

Public Databases and Repositories

The dataset is available in various public databases and digital repositories, providing easy access for researchers and developers.

Research Institutions

Many research institutions offer access to the dataset for academic purposes, fostering a collaborative research environment.

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