Alberta Wildlife Dataset

Alberta Wildlife Dataset


Alberta Wildlife Dataset


Wildlife Dataset

Use Case

Wildlife Dataset


Explore the Alberta Wildlife Dataset featuring 2,100 images of 21 animal species, including Grizzly and Black Bears. Ideal for AI, machine learning training, and wildlife conservation.

Alberta Wildlife Dataset


The dataset features URLs to images of 21 distinct animal species found in Alberta, with 100 images per species. Curated via the Microsoft Bing API, the dataset may contain some inaccurate images. A comprehensive Jupyter notebook is provided to assist in downloading and organizing these images into folders named after the respective species, ensuring easy accessibility and usability. Additionally, pre-downloaded images are available in the “images” folder, ready for immediate use. This dataset is ideal for machine learning projects, wildlife research, and educational purposes, offering a rich repository of visual data to support various analytical and computational tasks. By utilizing this dataset, users can streamline their research and development processes, fostering advancements in wildlife recognition and conservation efforts. The structured format and comprehensive support materials ensure that users can maximize the potential of the dataset efficiently.

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Species Covered

  • Grizzly Bear
  • Black Bear
  • Moose
  • And 18 other species

About the Dataset

This dataset was initially created for an AI course at the University of Alberta.

Additional Content


  • Wildlife recognition and classification
  • Conservation efforts and wildlife monitoring
  • AI and machine learning training for image recognition

Quality Assurance:
While the dataset was curated using automated tools, it is recommended to manually verify the images for accuracy before using them in sensitive applications.

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