AI Generated Images vs Real Images

AI Generated Images vs Real Images


AI Generated Images vs Real Images


AI Generated Images vs Real Images

Use Case

Image Classification


The dataset is a captivating ensemble of images sourced from two distinct channels: web scraping and AI-generated content. The content covers many subjects; however, special emphasis was placed on these topics: people, animals, portraits, scenery, and psychedelics.

About Dataset

This dataset is a fascinating collection of images collected from two different places: web scraping and AI-generated content. It includes pictures of many different things, but we paid extra attention to these subjects: people, animals, portraits, scenery, and psychedelics.

Key Features:

Web-Scraped Images: These images are collected from different websites on the internet. They include pictures of landscapes, paintings, psychedelic experiences, and portraits, giving you a taste of the wide range of digital images available online.

Projects and Applications:

Image Classification and Recognition: With this dataset, researchers and developers can teach computer programs to recognize and classify images. By using both images collected from the internet and ones generated by AI, models can get better at identifying and sorting objects, scenes, and ideas from different areas with more accuracy and understanding.

Artistic Exploration and Creative Synthesis: Artists, designers, and creative folks can use this dataset to find new ideas for their art and experiments. They can use AI-generated images as a starting point for their own artistic creations, mixing traditional methods with computer-generated aesthetics to make stunning artwork and multimedia projects.

Data Visualization and Exploratory Analysis: Data scientists and researchers can study the dataset to find out visual trends, patterns, and connections.

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