Arabic Sign Language Dataset 2022

Arabic Sign Language Dataset 2022


Arabic Sign Language Dataset 2022


Arabic Sign Language Dataset 2022

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Explore our Arabic Sign Language Dataset 2022 (ArSL21L), a meticulously curated collection of 14,202 high-quality images encompassing 32 distinct letter signs. Developed through the collaborative efforts of 50 contributors, this comprehensive dataset serves as a valuable resource for research, innovation, and the advancement of AI-driven solutions in the realm of Arabic Sign Language interpretation.


Arabic Sign Language Dataset 2022

About Dataset

Introducing the Arabic Sign Language Letters Dataset 2022 (ArSL21L). This compilation meticulously gathers and annotates 14,202 high-quality images featuring 32 distinct letter signs in Arabic Sign Language, showcasing diverse backgrounds. ArSL21L stands out as an exceptional dataset, meticulously curated by involving 50 contributors.Arabic Sign Language Dataset

Arabic Sign Language Dataset 2022: ArSL21L

  • Comprehensive Sign Language Collection: ArSL21L serves as a comprehensive resource, encapsulating the intricacies of Arabic Sign Language.
  • Diverse Contributions: The dataset is thoughtfully assembled from contributions by 50 individuals, ensuring diversity in the data and offering unique perspectives.
  • High Image Quality: Each photo in this collection meets stringent standards, rendering it invaluable for research or practical applications related to sign language interpretation.

Why Choose ArSL21L?

ArSL21L transcends being just a dataset; it serves as a gateway to understanding and enriching communication through sign language in the Arabic-speaking world. By selecting our dataset, you gain access to a wealth of sign language information that can ignite research, innovation, and AI-powered solutions for individuals who are deaf or have hearing challenges.

Unlocking Possibilities: Whether you’re a researcher, developer, or organization striving to pioneer innovative solutions for sign language interpretation, ArSL21L offers boundless possibilities. With this dataset, you possess a priceless tool that empowers you to delve deep, explore, and spearhead new advancements in the realm of Arabic Sign Language.


We are delighted to introduce ArSL21L – a comprehensive, diverse, and top-quality Arabic Sign Language dataset. Our dedication to AI-driven data collection has enabled us to furnish a resource that empowers individuals and organizations to make significant strides in the field of sign language interpretation. With ArSL21L, you possess the means to shape the future of gesture communication.

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