Artificial Intelligence: Will it replace humans?

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A friend of mine was discussing the importance of humans. We ended up talking about the fast-paced world of Artificial Intelligence. During the discussion, I mentioned that I saw an interview where a panel of experts said that AI shall replace humans. I went in a pensive mood and I pondered for a while over the same. One afternoon, I began researching about it. Let’s start by understanding what it is.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is a part of computer science that focuses on the conception of intelligent machines. Computers with AI perform the following activities:

Speech recognition
The ability to hack humans comes from the fact that one can link biology and brain science. When we say the ability to hack humans it refers to creating an algorithm that easily comprehends me better than I understand myself. An organization that works on artificial intelligence needs to know about the dataset providers. Building a machine learning-based systems or artificial intelligence is not an easy process. There are numerous AI Dataset providers for natural language processing activities and machine learning.

Similar to the dataset providers, Tensorflow is a powerful machine learning framework that is useful if the firm has colossal data. You can train cutting-edge models from your laptop over a cup of coffee due to the massive presence of cutting edge open-source tools like Spark, TensorFlow, and Torch.

Let us now take a look at how the convolution network works. This is vast and I can go on and on. Moving on, let us talk about digital image fully convolution networks. In order to create a digital image, pixels are used. They are tiny colored squares. They are dominant visual models that yield hierarchies of features. The state-of-the-art in semantic segmentation matlab is exceeded due to the training of pixels. In order to take input of the arbitrary size and produce correspondingly-sized output with efficient inference and learning, we need to construct “fully convolutional” networks.

In conclusion, I can say that we are focusing on only half of the story as there is a lot of publicity about computers and artificial intelligence. There is no replacement for a human being as computers work on a particular language i.e. Binary. The most important quality that we possess is adaptability. We adapted to the surroundings and evolved. We were working in organizations even after the advent of the internet. In fact, due to its introduction, we can work remotely and submit our assignments in a timely and effective manner. We became more productive due to the elimination of a few job roles due to these innovations.


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