Sky Outline Matting Dataset

Project Overview:


We are proud to present our latest project: the Sky Outline Matting Dataset. This dataset is carefully made to improve sky matting skills, which are very important in sky replacement, environmental simulation, and the film industry. Also, it not only makes sky replacement more accurate but also makes environmental simulations look more real. This way, filmmakers can create more believable sky scenes easily. Additionally, our dataset is a strong base for developers working on augmented reality apps.


Our team embarked on a mission to gather a diverse range of images, focusing specifically on horizons and skies. This collection was meticulously annotated to distinguish sky regions, showcasing our expertise in dataset creation for machine learning models.

Sky Outline Matting Dataset
Sky Outline Matting Dataset
Sky Outline Matting Dataset
Sky Outline Matting Dataset


  • Urban cityscapes featuring towering architecture.
  • Idyllic rural settings.
  • Tranquil beach vistas.
  • Rugged mountain landscapes.
  • Breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.
  • Mystical night skies, both with and without celestial bodies.
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Sky Outline Matting Dataset
Sky Outline Matting Dataset

Data Collection Metrics

  • Total Images: 80,000
  • Cityscapes: 20,000
  • Rural Landscapes: 15,000
  • Beach Horizons: 12,000
  • Mountainous Terrains: 18,000
  • Sunsets/Sunrises: 10,000
  • Night Skies: 5,000

Annotation Process


  1. Image Pre-processing: Enhancing image quality to clearly demarcate the sky region.
  2. Sky Region Identification: Using advanced tools to precisely highlight the sky area.
  3. Matting Annotation: Accurately defining the boundaries of the sky, including semi-translucent parts.
  4. Validation: Thoroughly cross-checking with automated tools and manual reviews.

Annotation Metrics

  • Total Sky Boundary Pixels Annotated: 160 million
  • Fully Opaque Sky Pixels: 120 million
  • Semi-Translucent Sky Pixels: 40 million


Sky Outline Matting Dataset
Sky Outline Matting Dataset
Sky Outline Matting Dataset
Sky Outline Matting Dataset

Quality Assurance


Automated Matting Tools: We leverage advanced technology to validate our work efficiently.
Expert Review: We engage industry specialists to oversee and manage complex cases thoroughly.
Inter-annotator Agreement: We ensure consistency across different annotators to maintain high-quality standards.

QA Metrics

  • Annotations Reviewed by Experts: 3 million pixels
  • Inconsistencies Identified and Rectified: 600,000 pixels


The Sky Outline Matting Dataset is a pioneering resource for sky segmentation tasks. It supports advancements in graphics, film production, and simulation tools. Moreover, with careful annotation and validation processes, the dataset ensures exceptional accuracy and precision. Therefore, users can rely on its high-quality data for their projects. Additionally, the dataset’s meticulous design sets a new standard in the field.


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