Indonesian Media Audio Database

Project Overview:


Our project, “Indonesian Media Audio Database,” is designed to establish a rich and diverse dataset tailored for training advanced machine learning models in language processing, speech recognition, and cultural analysis. This dataset primarily focuses on enhancing machine learning capabilities in understanding and processing the Indonesian language in various media formats.


This initiative encompasses the meticulous collection and annotation of a wide range of audio samples from diverse Indonesian media sources. These include:

  • Traditional and Modern Indonesian Music
  • Indonesian News Broadcasts
  • Popular Indonesian Podcasts and Radio Shows
  • Dialogues from Indonesian Films and TV Shows
Indonesian Media Audio Database
Indonesian Media Audio Database
Indonesian Media Audio Database
Indonesian Media Audio Database


  • The project involved gathering audio recordings from diverse media formats, including news broadcasts, television shows, radio programs, podcasts, and online streaming content.
  • There was a focus on covering a wide range of genres, such as entertainment, current affairs, documentaries, and educational programs, to ensure a comprehensive linguistic representation.
  • We successfully collected a diverse set of audio recordings, successfully generating a rich and varied linguistic representation across different media formats and genres.
Indonesian Media Audio Database
Indonesian Media Audio Database

Data Collection Metrics

  • Total Audio Recordings Collected: 20,000
  • Music Samples: 5,000
  • News Broadcasts: 5,000
  • Podcasts and Radio Shows: 6,000
  • Film and TV Show Dialogues: 4,000

Annotation Process


  1. Cultural and Linguistic Annotation: Each audio sample is meticulously annotated for linguistic nuances, dialects, cultural references, and thematic elements pertinent to Indonesian culture.
  2. Metadata Documentation: Comprehensive metadata for each recording is logged, including the genre, source, recording date, and contextual notes.

Annotation Metrics

  • Audio Recordings with Cultural and Linguistic Annotations: 20,000
  • Metadata Documented: 15,000
Indonesian Media Audio Database
Indonesian Media Audio Database
Indonesian Media Audio Database
Indonesian Media Audio Database

Quality Assurance


Annotation Accuracy Check: A dedicated team of linguists and cultural experts reviews the annotations for precision and relevance.
Data Quality Control: Rigorous processes are in place to ensure the exclusion of distorted or irrelevant audio samples.
Data Security and Privacy Compliance: Strict adherence to data protection laws and ethical standards in handling sensitive media content.

QA Metrics

  • Annotation Review Cases: 3,000
  • Data Cleansing: Systematic removal of subpar audio samples


The “Indonesian Media Audio Database” serves as an invaluable asset for the development of sophisticated machine learning models that require an understanding of Indonesian languages and cultural nuances. By providing a dataset rich in diversity and accuracy, we pave the way for innovative applications in voice recognition, cultural studies, and language processing, enhancing global understanding and appreciation of Indonesian media.

quality dataset

Quality Data Creation

Guaranteed TAT​

Guaranteed TAT

ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified​

ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified

HIPAA Compliance​

HIPAA Compliance

GDPR Compliance​

GDPR Compliance

Compliance and Security​

Compliance and Security

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