Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset

Project Overview:


We embarked on an ambitious journey to create a dataset that offers fine segmentation of human body parts. This dataset, therefore, serves as a critical tool in numerous fields, including medical analysis, physiotherapy, virtual fashion fitting rooms, and creating highly realistic virtual avatars.


Our team collected an extensive range of human body images, showcasing a variety of postures, clothing, body shapes, and physiological features. Moreover, our focused approach in annotation meticulously details each body part, further enhancing the dataset’s utility in precise applications.

Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset
Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset
Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset
Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset


  • High-resolution studio captures under controlled lighting.
  • Public events frequently feature candid images that depict various activities and movements.
  • Close-up shots of specific body parts, thereby ensuring that micro details are clearly evident.
  • Contributions from diverse demographics are crucial to ensure inclusivity. Moreover, they bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table. Additionally, they help create a richer and more representative environment. Furthermore, embracing diversity fosters innovation and creativity.
  • Sport and fitness-related images aim to portray a broad spectrum of muscular forms and movements. These images showcase various athletes engaged in activities ranging from weightlifting to yoga, illustrating the diversity of physical prowess. Furthermore, they capture the dynamic nature of sports, highlighting moments of strength, agility, and endurance. Additionally, these visuals depict athletes in motion, conveying fluidity and grace in their movements.
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Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset
Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset

Data Collection Metrics

  • Total Images Collected: 500,000
  • Studio Captures: 170,000
  • Candid Shots: 120,000
  • Close-ups: 70,000
  • Diverse Demographics: 60,000
  • Sports and Fitness: 30,000
  • Additional Images for Volume Variation: 50,000

Annotation Process


  1. Raw Data Refinement: We meticulously filtered out images that were blurry, obstructed, or irrelevant.
  2. Major Body Part Segmentation: Subsequently, we segmented major regions such as arms, legs, torso, and head.
  3. Fine Segmentation: Furthermore, our team performed detailed annotations for intricate areas like fingers, knuckles, nails, elbows, individual muscles, and distinctive body marks.
  4. Quality Audit: We conducted thorough reviews to ensure the accuracy and consistency of our annotations.

Annotation Metrics

  • Major Body Part Segmentations: 500,000
  • Fine Segmentations: 3,500,000 (7 detailed segments per image, on average)
  • Annotations Reviewed: 100,000 (20% of total segmentations for precision assurance)
Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset
Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset
Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset
Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset

Quality Assurance


Expert Consultation: Engage experts such as physiotherapists, anatomists, and digital artists for in-depth review.
Automated Consistency Reviews: Additionally, we utilize advanced software for detecting annotation anomalies, enhancing accuracy.
Inter-annotator Reconciliation: Furthermore, multiple annotators scrutinize the datasets to ensure uniform quality.

QA Metrics

  • Annotations Audited by Experts: 100,000 (20% of total annotations)
  • Detected and Rectified Inconsistencies: 10,000 (2% of total annotations)


The Human Body Parts Fine Segmentation Dataset stands as a testament to our ability to deliver high-quality, detailed datasets. Moreover, it marks a significant advancement in the realm of human anatomy understanding. Furthermore, its applications range from healthcare to advanced gaming and simulations. Additionally, our dedication to precision and detail has set a new standard in the industry. It demonstrates our prowess in data collection and annotation for machine learning models.


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