English Deep South Media Audio Dataset

Project Overview:


The English Deep South Media Audio Dataset project is designed to develop a comprehensive audio dataset focusing on the unique accents and dialects of the English Deep South. This dataset serves as a foundational tool for training sophisticated speech recognition software, capable of understanding and processing the distinct linguistic nuances found in this region.


This project encompasses the meticulous collection and annotation of audio samples from a variety of sources, including local volunteers, authentic regional media, and professionally recorded dialogues. These audio samples cover a broad spectrum of everyday language use, from casual conversations to formal speech, providing a rich resource for linguistic analysis and software training.

English Deep South Media Audio Dataset
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English Deep South Media Audio Dataset
English Deep South Media Audio Dataset


  • We collected a variety of media formats such as local news broadcasts, radio shows, podcasts, and regional documentaries.
  • We aimed to cover a wide range of content, reflecting the diverse cultural and social landscape of the Deep South.
  • We collected a comprehensive set of data from these media formats, successfully generating a rich and nuanced understanding of the linguistic and cultural aspects within the Deep South.
English Deep South Media Audio Dataset
English Deep South Media Audio Dataset

Data Collection Metrics

  • Total Audio Recordings Collected: 25,000
  • Local Volunteers: 15,000 recordings
  • Regional Media Samples: 7,000 recordings
  • Professional Voice Recordings: 3,000 recordings

Annotation Process


  1. Dialect Identification: Each recording is annotated for specific dialect features, including vocabulary, pronunciation, and speech rhythm.
  2. Contextual Tagging: Recordings are tagged with contextual information such as conversation type, setting, and speaker demographics.

Annotation Metrics

  • Recordings with Dialect Labels: 25,000
  • Contextually Annotated Recordings: 25,000
English Deep South Media Audio Dataset
English Deep South Media Audio Dataset
English Deep South Media Audio Dataset
English Deep South Media Audio Dataset

Quality Assurance


Annotation Verification: A team of linguistic experts reviews the annotations for accuracy and consistency.
Audio Quality Control: Ensuring the clarity and usability of each recording.
Data Privacy Compliance: Strict adherence to privacy laws and ethical guidelines in data handling.

QA Metrics

  • Verified Annotations: 2,500 recordings (10% of the total)
  • Data Cleansing: Removal of any recordings not meeting quality standards.


The English Deep South Media Audio Dataset represents a significant advancement in the field of linguistic data collection and speech recognition technology. With its focus on the distinct linguistic characteristics of the English Deep South, this dataset not only aids in the development of more accurate and region-specific speech recognition software but also contributes to the broader understanding of linguistic diversity. This dataset is a valuable asset for technology developers, linguists, and cultural researchers, facilitating enhanced communication and understanding within and beyond the region.

quality dataset

Quality Data Creation

Guaranteed TAT​

Guaranteed TAT

ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified​

ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified

HIPAA Compliance​

HIPAA Compliance

GDPR Compliance​

GDPR Compliance

Compliance and Security​

Compliance and Security

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