Driver Behaviour Data Collection

Project Overview:


Our goal was to compile a comprehensive dataset detailing various facets of driver behavior. This data, encompassing aspects like vehicle speed, acceleration, braking, steering, and environmental conditions, is crucial for advancing research in driver safety, enhancing driver assistance systems, and refining machine learning algorithms.


We successfully gathered real-world driver behavior data through advanced sensor technology and onboard vehicle systems. Our focus was not just on data collection but also on ensuring the utmost privacy and safety standards.

Driver Behaviour Data Collection
Driver Behaviour Data Collection
Driver Behaviour Data Collection
Driver Behaviour Data Collection


  • Vehicle Sensors: Utilize the sensors available in modern vehicles, such as GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and vehicle speed sensors.
  • Camera Systems: Install interior-facing and exterior-facing cameras to capture driver behavior and the surrounding environment.
  • Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) Devices: Access vehicle diagnostics data through OBD-II ports to monitor parameters like engine RPM, fuel consumption, and fault codes.
Driver Behaviour Data Collection
Driver Behaviour Data Collection

Data Collection Metrics

  • Number of Vehicles: We deployed our data collection methodology across 100 vehicles.
  • Data Collection Period: This project spanned a rich six-month period.
  • Volume of Data: A staggering 5 TB of data was collected and 3 TB annotated.

Annotation Process


  1. Vehicle Dynamics: Speed, acceleration, and braking profiles.
  2. Steering Patterns: Comprehensive analysis of steering wheel movements.
  3. Lane Keeping Metrics: Insights into lane adherence behaviors.
  4. Environmental Factors: Weather and road conditions during different driving scenarios.

Annotation Metrics

  • Weather Conditions: Collect data on weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, or clear skies.
  • Road Conditions: Document road surface conditions, traffic congestion, and road type (e.g., highway, city streets).
Driver Behaviour Data Collection
Driver Behaviour Data Collection
Driver Behaviour Data Collection
Driver Behaviour Data Collection

Quality Assurance


Data Quality: Implement data quality checks to ensure accuracy and reliability of collected data.
Privacy Protection: Strictly adhere to privacy regulations and obtain informed consent from participants when required. Anonymize data to protect driver identities.
Safety Measures: Ensure that data collection does not compromise driver safety. Implement safety mechanisms to minimize distractions.

QA Metrics

  • Data Accuracy: Regularly validate data accuracy.
  • Privacy Compliance: Regularly audit data handling processes for privacy compliance.
  • Safety Measures: Implement safety protocols to ensure data collection does not endanger drivers.


The Driver Behavior Collection Dataset provides valuable insights into driver behavior and road conditions, making it a valuable resource for road safety research and the development of advanced driver assistance systems. With diverse data sources and stringent privacy and safety measures, it offers a comprehensive dataset while prioritizing data privacy and driver safety.

quality dataset

Quality Data Creation

Guaranteed TAT‚Äč

Guaranteed TAT

ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified‚Äč

ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified

HIPAA Compliance‚Äč

HIPAA Compliance

GDPR Compliance‚Äč

GDPR Compliance

Compliance and Security‚Äč

Compliance and Security

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